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Sewing and Cosplay

Welcome to my sewing and costume page! Since I'm in Fashion this semester, I actually get to make stuff, so hopefully I can keep this updated to some extent. I did have an explanation as to what cosplay is, but I don't feel like putting it up anymore. So, I'll try update this soon as soon as I get started.

Finished Projects!

Well, I've finished lots of projects since the first denim dress! I made a pair of capris, a pleated skirt for my Fruits Basket costume, and I made my very own grad dress! I need to get good pictures of each, which I hope to do soon, but don't count on those showing up for quite a while.

Previous Projects!

So, I finished my puffy sundress! I am actually quite pleased with it because it is no longer puffy. To get rid of any puffyness, I used light denim, which it heavier than regular cotton, so it was too heavy to be puffy.