A Harry Potter Picture Book: What Wasn't mentioned in the books!

Hello, my name is Harry Potter, and theses are my bitches, Ron and Hermione.

Yeah! Work it baby, yeaaaah!

Yeah, well, my name is Malfoy.. Draco Malfoy. And these are my bitches, Crabbe and Goyle.

Oh, alright... well... oh look, out of film! Gotta run! *runs away*

Ha ha! My name is Lockhart and I am a free agent! Yes, I am both bitch AND pimp!

And we have THAT for a teacher? He's even more flamboyant than Snape!

Hey, I heard that!

Hey, why isn't anyone taking MY picture? I mean, for a 14 year old, I'm sexy!

No, I am WAY more sexier. Look, no matter if they are blue or green, my eyes kick ass!

No, I kick more ass, and I am more sexy!!!

I have a friggen sword and I WILL use it!


Oh shut up, I am sexiest!

He's got a point there.

I still think you're the best Harry.

You're a Weasley, and I'm a Malfoy, HAHAHAHAHA! NAANAANAANAA BOOGER!

You look like a pansyass girl Malfoy, you fag.

*laughs as Malfoy runs away and cries*

You know, wands don't make really good weapons when you use them like a club...

The end... for now!!!!

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